Artwork Upload Instructions Using WeTransfer

We recommend using the free file sharing site WeTransfer to send your artwork securely to RAL Display. The great advantage of using WeTransfer is that the site accepts single / multiple files and compressed folders up to 2Gb. We also happily accept files sent via DropBox and other file upload sites.

Steps to Transfer Files Via WeTransfer

Click here:

Step 1
- Click 'Skip' to use the free version of WeTransfer

WeTransfer - Skip to free version

Step 2 - Agree to the WeTransfer terms & conditions

WeTransfer - Terms & Conditions

Step 3 - A popup panel will appear prompting you for your email address and the receiver's email address (your contact at RAL Display or There will be an option to upload the files to WeTransfer. Click the +Add files button and navigate to the location of the artwork files on your computer and upload. Note that both multiple single files and compressed (zipped) folders can be uploaded to the site but not uncompressed folders. Add your name and company details below so we can match your artwork to your print job. 

WeTransfer Panel
Step 4 
- Once all necessary artwork files have been added, click the blue Transfer button at the bottom of the panel to start the upload. After the files have been successfully uploaded to WeTransfer, you will receive an email receipt and we will receive an email with a link to access your files. Once we have downloaded yourfiles you will receive a second email confirming that the transfer has been completed successfully.

WeTransfer - Completed panel

Please contact us on 0116 2554640 if you have any questions about artwork transfer.

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