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Choose one of our popular display kits for your school, tradeshow or exhibition event. All of our display boards have double sided Velcro and pin friendly panels with a choice of vibrant fabric colours on each side. The boards are designed to be lightweight and portable, with fast setup and space-saving fold-flat storage. Opt for either folding or panel and pole kits depending on your budget and need for flexibility. Consider the types of display boards available from RAL Display. Do you have a question? See our FAQs below.

Display Boards from RAL Display

Folding Display Kits

We offer an extensive range of display panels for various exhibition requirements. Browse our range of simple-to-use folding display boards with their tough PVC hinging and lightweight portable panels. Choose a tabletop display board with 3 panels, header board and carry bag for a convenient display on the go. Or opt for a floor standing display kit with 6, 7, 8 and 10 panel formations. The free standing folding kits are available in two board sizes: 900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm. All folding display kits are provided with a header board(s) and carrying bag(s) as standard with 6 panel 900 x 600mm display board kits available for next day delivery. 

Panel & Pole Display Kits

Select modular panel display boards for increased flexibility. The panel and pole linking system allows the exhibition boards to be added and removed to create a custom stand layout. Furthermore additional boards and connecting poles can be purchased when the exhibition area needs to be expanded. The large 300mm diameter steel bases and aluminium pole connectors provide excellent stability. The Pro Link panel systems are available in kits with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 panels and can be setup in a portrait or landscape board orientation. Each display section consists of one panel on top of another with the portrait setup creating a full height board section and the landscape formation with a a 600mm high space from floor to the lower board. Choose from 900 x 600mm, 1000 x 700mm or 1000 x 1000mm modular panel display boards.
Alternatively, our A1 and A0 elevated poster boards are another option for specific A1 and A0 poster requirements. Choose from a single, double or triple board formation for standard kits and join similar kits together to create larger displays. Add extra components to create a completely custom display. A full range of accessories are available including panel bags with shoulder straps, support bases and linking poles. 

Large Presentation Boards

Our large display boards are ideal for for permanent poster displays at trade shows, schools, colleges and universities. Create straight lines, zig-zags, L-shapes and U-shapes from our 1810mm high x 923mm wide display panels. The large boards can be supplied in folding or panel and pole formations depending on your required flexibility. 

Mobile Display Boards

If you need easy to move presentation sceens on lockable castors then our mobile screens are the ideal choice. Select from two heights of 1500mm and 1800mm with either 4, 5, or 7 panels. The panels fold flat for easy storage.


  • All display boards are double sided
  • Pin and Velcro friendly board surface
  • 5 year guarantee on Pro Fold, Pro Link, tabletop and A1/A0 elevated panels
  • Large range of vibrant fabric colours with different colour available on each side
  • Mobile displays available
  • Full range of accessories 
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fast setup - 2-3 minutes for most kits
  • Great online value
  • Fast delivery for many kits
  • Expert advice since 1981

Frequently asked questions button

Please see our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2554640 or email sales@ral-display.co.uk 

Q: Can I use my display boards outside?
In short no. Our boards are for indoor use only for the following reasons. Firstly the solid nature of the boards makes them act like a wind break resulting in them falling over in blowy conditions. And secondly if the boards were to get wet then the infill and fabric surface may become damaged and potentially unusable. Our displays can be used in covered marquees but please be aware that an uneven surface may reduce the stand's stability.

Q: Can I replace a damaged display board on a folding kit?
Yes, we can supply replacement display boards. Often the existing hinging can be levered out from the damaged board with a flat headed screwdriver and reused. However if required we can supply individual hinges or full hinge sets (normally 3 parts per length) for a small charge.

Q: Can I get replacement parts for my panel and pole display kits?
Yes, we provide full height pole sections with a base, panel clips and additional boards online. However we can supply individual components if you require a specific item. Please contact our sales team for costs and availability. We also provide a range of accessories including the standard component bags, lighting and Velcro.

Q: Can one person setup a display?
A: Yes, our range of folding and panel and pole displays are designed to be setup by one person. The folding kits are supplied with a bottom and top panel section which simply clip together. The boards on the panel and pole kits conveniently click together using a common pole connector allowing longer panel runs to be created.

Q: How long does it take to attach posters and other display materials to the boards?
We recommend using Velcro hook tape to attach posters to the boards. The beauty with Velcro is that it can be easily removed and repositioned to make setup quick and easy depending on the number of boards that require posters. Pins can also be used on the boards but Velcro always looks neater. Single pocket acrylic leaflet holders may also be attached to the boards with Velcro but please ensure that the contents are lightweight to ensure the dispenser remains secure.

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