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RAL Display has been supplying popup stands since they first appeared on the market over 25 years ago. Over the years we've developed a reputation for quality and reliability from the 1000s of customers who have chosen us as their stand supplier. We offer a varied range of pop ups and banner stands to suit a variety of requirements including stand-alone packages or larger connected popup stands for tradeshow events. View our popup stand examples for ideas and inspiration. We aim to produce and ship all popup stands within five working days. If you have any questions then please contact our sales team on 0116 2554640 or see our FAQ section below.

Pop Up Stands from RAL Display

Popup Stand Varieties & Sizes

We've arranged our stand packages into the traditional frame sizes such as the popular 3x2, 3x3 and 3x4 options with a height of around 2.2m. There's often confusion with the frame references as they are frequently thought of as the metres covered by the display. However the 3x3, for instance refers to the quads which the popup frame creates once it's expanded, so 3 up and 3 across and actually measures around 2.5m across. The traditional stand packages are then split into curved and straight frame varieties which magnetically support either graphic panels or Velcro-friendly fabric panels or a combination of both. The graphic panels are designed to align together on the structure to produce one seamless design. Frames can be linked together with bridging panels to produce custom shapes and configurations to suit almost any stand requirement. 

Our popup displays can be used with an integrated TV for an eyecatching audio visual experience. Choose to incorporate a lightweight flatscreen TV directly with a frame mounted bracket (up to 5kg) or opt for the heavy duty floor standing TV stand for screens between 32 and 50". iPads can also be integrated directly onto the frames using the standard frame bracket and a special iPad housing to create a fantastic interactive experience.

We have also created exhibition trade show L-shape and U-shape packages based on the normal stand areas such as the 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 2x4 and 2x6 metre exhibition spaces. Our CAD team have joined standard frames using carefully calculated bridging panels to achieve an accurate layout. We can also provide bespoke stands based on your particular requirements. 

Our lightweight popup display option is the hopup stand. Unlike the standard polyester based prints on the regular popups, the hopup is supplied with a one-piece fabric graphic which is pre-fitted by Velcro to the expanding framework. When the framework is pulled open, the graphic becomes taught and flat providing a portable, easy to setup display option. 

Accessorise Your Popup Stand

Our standard popup kits include spotlights and a case converted into a graphic counter (optional for L and U shape packages). However, we also offer additional portable counters and brochure stands, popup towers and pullup banner stands to accessorise and enhance an exhibition space. Also consider using banner stands as a supplement to the main backdrop. 

Custom Popup Stands: Design and Branding

RAL Display have been involved in pop stand design and creation for over two decades. Our knowledge of pop stands allows us to develop superb stand ideas in our powerful CAD software which will push your brand and drive your sales and product exposure at trade shows and conferences.

  L-shaped popup stand for the University of London.  
  Trade Show Pop up Stands: Concept, Design & Build  

Concept, Visualisation & Stand Build

We start with your conference stand space and create a pop up design which targets your key objectives. You may want to increase brand exposure, launch a new product or simply increase sales.Popup stand design using CAD software. The complete flexibility within our pop up stand range allows imaginitive stand designs to be created from the straight and curved popup frameworks. We can create waves, stars, circles and squares - all from our standard pop up frames. Our 30 years' experience in 'design and build' allows custom pop up stands to be developed quickly and efficiently. In order to produce a custom stand we require the following basic information along with your artwork components:

  • Stand space
  • Access points within stand area (mid stand or open corner)
  • Maximum stand height if any
  • Objective of the exhibition
  • Design components: images, logos & text
  • Leadtime

We welcome you to visit our showroom and discuss you pop up stand requirements. Please refer to our pop up artwork preparation sheets for setup advice.

Popup stands with graphic panels.

Graphic Pop up Displays

Complete 3 x 3 pop up displays consists of an aluminium frame, a set of magnetic bars, bar bag, graphic / fabric panels and a wheeled carrying case. Once the concertina style frame has been expanded and the magnetic bars have been located to the magnetic hubs the panels may be suspended on the frame. Your pop up booth should take no more than five minutes to erect.

Fabric Pop up Stands

Popup stand with carpet panels.

Fabric pop up stands are designed for flexibility. Posters may be changed regularly and more economically than graphic pop up stands. This is a popular choice for organisations who aim to share the pop up display stands between departments. It is also ideal for informal displays in schools and colleges where projects are routinely changed. Fabric pop up display stands or “carpet stands and displays” are available in 10 different colours.

Frequently asked questions button

Please see our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2554640 or email sales@ral-display.co.uk 

Q: Can you produce popup graphics for me if I didn't buy the original system from you? 
A: Yes, we are familiar with a range of different popup systems and can produce graphics for most frame varieties. If you are unable to establish your popup brand then we kindly ask for a selection of photos including a picture of the frame, magnetic bars and the top hanger at the rear of the graphics. Often the instruction sheets will provide clues as to the popup type. In some instances where the popup manufacturer is no longer trading we recommend sending the popup to us so we can remove the existing hangers at the back of the graphics for reuse on the new graphics.

Q: Can I replace individual popup panels?
If RAL Display produced the original graphics then individual popup panels can be replaced. If the graphics are old or/and have been exposed to light over a long period of time then there may be an element of colour fade to account for when slotting in a new graphic. If your graphics have been produced by a different supplier then it is likely they have used a different paper and printer which will seldom match our print output.

Q: I'm travelling abroad and I need a lightweight popup style product?
 We provide a lightweight popup-style graphic system called the hopup stand which has a similar standard range to the standard straight popups packages. The graphics are printed on a polyester material and pre-attached to the frame with Velcro so setup is as simple as merely expanding out the concertina framework.

Q: Can I clad the back of a popup with graphics?
Yes, any of our popup frames will accept rear graphics. If you speak to our sales team they will advise how many additional magnetic bars you will need and what sizes to setup the artwork. Straight frames have identical graphic sizes front and back but curved systems require wider panels at the rear.  

Q: What happens if I lose a hardware component?
We can supply replacements for any lost or damaged hardware components including magnetic bars, spotlights, frame and bar bags, folding table tops and wheeled transit cases. Please contact our sales team for costs and lead-times. 

Q: Can a damaged frame scissor section be replaced? 
Yes, if you purchased the original frame from us we can replace the broken section. We would need to know whether it's a vertical or horizontal scissor section and whether you would like us to make the repair or if you would like us to send you the parts so you can do it yourself. Frame nodes and magnetic locking arms can also be replaced. All frame repairs are simple to do and require just a Phillips screwdriver. 

Q: How quickly does it take to setup a popup system and is it a one person job?
A: The standard curved and straight frame packages take around 10-15 minutes for one experienced person to set up. The larger L-shape and U-shape stands can take 25-30 minutes depending on size. We recommend having a trial setup before you go to your show so you become familiar with the procedure. Please refer to the popup setup instructions and the video below to ensure you're comfortable with the procedure.

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