Pop Up Stands

RAL Display has been supplying popup stands since they first appeared on the market over 25 years ago. Over the years we've developed a reputation for quality and reliability from the 1000s of customers who have chosen us as their stand supplier. We offer a varied range of pop-ups to suit a variety of requirements including stand-alone packages or larger connected popup stands for tradeshow events. Our printing is performed in-house using the latest HP printers and lamination technologies. 
We aim to produce and ship all popup stands within five working days. Contact us on 0116 2554640 to discuss urgent, bulk and custom requirements. If you have any questions regarding artwork setup then please feel free to speak to our design team. 

Pop Up Stands from RAL Display

Popup Stand Varieties

We've arranged our stand packages into the traditional frame sizes such as the popular 3x2, 3x3 and 3x4 options. There's often confusion with the frame references as they are frequently thought of as the metres covered by the display. However the 3x3, for instance refers to the quads which the popup frame creates once it's setup, so 3 up and 3 across. The traditional stand packages are then split into curved and straight frame varieties for popup stands covered in graphics, Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric or a combination of both. 

Our popup displays are also available with integrated TVs for an eyecatching audio visual experience. Choose to incorporate a lightweight flatscreen TV directly with a frame mounted bracket (up to 5kg) or opt for the heavy duty floor standing TV stand for screens between 32 and 50". iPads can also be integrated directly onto the frames using the standard frame bracket and a special iPad housing to create a fantastic interactive experience.

We have also created popup exhibition trade show packages based on the normal stand areas such as the 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 2x4 and 2x6 metre exhibition spaces. Our CAD team have joined standard frames using carefully calculated bridging panels to achieve an accurate layout. Choose from both L-shape and U-shape popup packages. 

Our lightweight popup display option is the hopup stand. Unlike the standard polyester based prints on the regular popups, the hopup is supplied with a one-piece fabric graphic which is pre-fitted by Velcro to the expanding framework. When the framework is pulled open, the graphic becomes taught and flat providing a portable, easy to setup display option. 

Accessorise Your Popup Stand

Our standard popup kits include spotlights and a case covered into a graphic counter (optional for L and U shape packages). However, we also offer additional portable counters and brochure stands, popup towers and pullup banner stands to accessorise and enhance an exhibition.

Contact us now on 0116 2554640 to discuss you popup stand requirements.   

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