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Exhibition Boards for Schools & Colleges

RAL Display has been associated with exhibition boards for over 30 years. Since the first order rolled off the dot matrix printer in 1981 we have been selling display boards in various shapes and sizes. So why are our display kits so popular with the education sector and why has RAL Display developed a reputation for great products and services with schools and colleges?
  Exhibition boards for schools. Full height display boards.    Panel and pole exhibition boards elevated off the floor  
  Pro-Flex Large Presentation Display Boards     Panel & Pole Exhibition Boards  

Simple Is Beautiful - Exhibition Display Boards

Well that's just it! Creating an exhibition stand from poster boards requires little brain power and no tools. And the results can be breathtaking with a little imagination and a set of award winning posters. So how do you connect display panels? Read on. 

  Elevated exhibition boards A1 & A0.     Folding display boards with carry bag  
  Elevated Display Boards A1 & A0   Folding Display Boards  

The Need for Speed -Folding Presentation Boards

The introduction of the humble hinge had monumental implications for the display world. The quality of life for the average exhibitor changed forever. No more fumbling with screwdrivers as display panels were now erected in secords without the need for an engineering degree. And then someone wiseguy at the back of the exhibition hall said 'Hey! What happens if I want to add or remove panels?" Which brings us nicely on to modular display stands, or in other words display panels joined together with pole connectors. 

So It's Like Lego, Right? - Panel & Pole Exhibition Boards 

Well, I suppose it is, without the bricks and the little men. So we start off with a pole,  clip on a display board, and then add another pole to the opposite end of the panel .. and a few clicks later you have a magnificent display stand. Simply idiot proof. And if you're still struggling to visualise the setup then see the following assembly sheet

A Display Panel Is For Life....

Yes, if treated with care, your display panels should outlive you. But just as an added security, we provide a full 5 year guarantee against manufacturer's defects. Now isn't that nice? 

So if you've bothered to read all this, now is the time to call us on 0116 2554640 and have a good chin-wag about our fabulous exhibition display boards.

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